Caregiver FAQs

Can I apply to be a designated caregiver?

No. Only a qualifying patient may submit an application naming an individual as their designated caregiver,  according to ADHS regulations.

How can I become a designated caregiver?

A designated caregiver must meet requirements as specified by ADHS rules and regulations. According to these rules, the caregiver  must be at least 21 years old, never convicted of an excluded felony offense, and agrees to assist the qualifying patient with their medical marijuana use. All qualifying patients must apply for their choice of designated caregiver with the ADHS.  A qualified designated caregiver may have no more than five qualifying patients, and does not need to be a professional caregiver, or home health aide.

Do I need a separate card for each of my qualifying patients?

Yes. The caregiver must have a separate certification card for each qualifying patient.

Can I be both a qualifying patient and a designated caregiver?

Yes. A qualifying patient may also be a designated caregiver for another qualifying patient, if both meet the requirements.

If I am a designated caregiver, can I use marijuana?

No one can legally use marijuana unless they are a registered qualifying patient. A designated caregiver may use marijuana only if they are also a registered qualifying patient with an ID card issued by the state

If I already have a fingerprint clearance card from another job, why do I need to submit another fingerprint card to be a designated caregiver?

According to ADHS, the background check for a designated caregiver or dispensary agent is more comprehensive. Offences that may have been excused in another field of work may not be allowed within the AHDS regulations. Child Care Staff, Teachers, or anyone fingerprinted for employment, are not held to the standard of ADHS for Designated Caregivers. The ADHS provides their own separate format required for submitting fingerprints as part of their application. The only exception to fingerprinting is if the designated caregiver has submitted fingerprints within six months in compliance with another application for the medical marijuana program.

Will I need to send in prints every year with the renewal application?

Renewal fingerprints are required by a designated caregiver annually, unless the caregiver has submitted prints for a different qualifying patient and a different identification card within the previous six months.

If I am a designated caregiver, can I grow marijuana?

When a designated caregiver works with a qualifying patient that lives 25 miles from a dispensary, under specific circumstances, the caregiver may be designated as approved to cultivate medical marijuana on behalf of the qualifying patient. The designated caregiver may grow or possess medical marijuana based on the number of qualifying patients they care for, and the medical need.

What if I live less than 25 miles from a dispensary, but the qualifying patient does not? Can I grow medical marijuana?

If a designated caregiver is authorized to grow medicinal marijuana on behalf of their patient, and the patient lives more than twenty-five miles from the nearest dispensary, the caregiver may cultivate marijuana for their patient’s medical need.

What if my qualifying patient lives less than 25 miles from a dispensary, but I don’t, am I allowed to grow medical marijuana?

No. If the qualifying patient lives within twenty-five miles from a dispensary, the patient and the designated caregiver will not be authorized to grow marijuana.

How much can I grow?

A designated caregiver may grow, or possess the amount of medical marijuana that all of their qualifying patients need. The maximum number allowed is twelve plants per qualifying patient.

Can I grow outside?

If a designated caregiver is authorized to grow medical marijuana, they may grow outside, but must comply with the law. Any medical marijuana must be grown, indoors or outside, in an enclosed, locked facility, such as a greenhouse. A closet or room that complies with the regulations of an enclosed area with locks and other required security with access only by a cardholder. An enclosed area in an outdoor space must have a one inch thick metal gate. The area must also be surrounded by solid 10-foot walls constructed of metal, concrete, or stone that will prevent any viewing of the marijuana plants.

How much will it cost to apply for a designated caregiver registry identification card?

  • $200 for an initial or a renewal registry identification card as a designated caregiver.
  • $10 to amend, change, or replace a registry identification card