AZ Cultivation

Who can cultivate marijuana?

According to the Medical Marijuana Act, Arizona marijuana cultivation must be kept in a locked, enclosed area, out of public view.

Dispensaries in compliance with Arizona marijuana cultivation laws may function within local zoning areas in an enclosed and locked facility, out of public view.

If a qualifying patient lives more than twenty-five miles from a designated dispensary, the patient or their caregiver may be approved by the Department, and allowed according to Arizona marijuana cultivation restrictions, to grow medical marijuana, within an enclosed and locked area.

Does a qualifying patient or designated caregiver authorized to grow have to follow the same requirements as a dispensary to cultivate marijuana?
No. Designated caregivers and patients authorized by the Health Department for Arizona marijuana cultivation are allowed a limited number of plants they can grow, in an enclosed, locked facility.

Will the Department be inspecting the homes of qualifying patients or designated caregivers authorized to grow marijuana?

If the patient or designated caregiver is authorized to grow marijuana, according to the Arizona marijuana cultivation requirements, the Health Department has no authority to inspect their homes.

Can a qualifying patient or designated caregiver authorized to grow medical marijuana use the same enclosed, locked facility used by another qualifying patient or designated caregiver also authorized to grow medical marijuana? Would these facilities be subject to inspection?

If a patient or caregiver has been qualified by the State to allow Arizona marijuana cultivation for medicinal purposes, they cannot be inspected by the Health Department. On that note, the state law limit’s the number of plants they are allowed to grow according to Arizona marijuana cultivation rules, and the plants must be in an enclosed and locked facility. If there is room for the plants, it is possible for two qualifying patients to cultivate in the same locked, enclosed area.

Can cultivation be done in a greenhouse?

A greenhouse equipped with locks and security devices that have limited access by only a qualified cardholder may be used for Arizona marijuana cultivation. The other method of Arizona marijuana cultivation in a greenhouse would require that the greenhouse be surrounded by ten-foot walls of solid metal, stone, or concrete with a thick metal gate, keeping the Arizona marijuana cultivation out of public view.

Can I set up a cultivation facility without being a dispensary?

At this time, the Department of Heath does not have a system in place to authorize an Arizona marijuana cultivation facility that is not a dispensary. When applying for a cultivation registration, by definition the cultivation facility address is tied to the dispensary address.

How much will it cost to apply for a registry identification card or a dispensary registration certificate?

  • $500 for an initial or a renewal registry identification card for a dispensary agent
  • $5,000 for an initial dispensary registration certificate
  • $1,000 for a renewal dispensary registration certificate
  • $2,500 to change the location of a dispensary or cultivation facility