Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson

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Our licensed Tucson doctors specialize in cannabinoid medicine. They will evaluate your medical records to see if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson. Our doctors will also help you understand the amazing benefits that medical marijuana has to offer you case you qualify from our trusted evaluations. If you qualify, you will receive a Tucson Medical Marijuana Card which will allow you to legally purchase medical marijuana. Using your Tucson Medical Marijuana Card, you will be able to buy marijuana only at a certified dispensary. Get your Tucson Medical Marijuana Card today!

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Tucson Medical Marijuana Doctor

According to Arizona law, only a Medical Marijuana Doctor or an Arizona Doctor of Osteopathy can recommend marijuana for medicinal purposes. Our doctors will evaluate your medical records to decide whether you qualify for medical marijuana or not. To qualify for a Tucson Medical Marijuana Card, you must be seen by a Tucson Medical Marijuana Doctor. To qualify for a Tucson Medical Marijuana Card, you cannot simply be seen by a physician’s assistant. You must talk to a Tucson Medical Marijuana Card according to Arizona laws.

At our clinic, you are assured a Tucson Medical Marijuana Doctor to evaluate you and to make sure that you remain complaint with the medical board for the criteria that allow you to receive a Tucson Medical Marijuana Card.

How to Qualify for a Tucson Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona

The following are the requirements to qualify for a Tucson Medical Marijuana Card:

  • You must send us your medical records showing diagnosis of a condition or disease that qualifies you for medical marijuana.
  • Receive a recommendation from a Tucson Medical Marijuana Doctor.
  • Register with the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) to obtain a medical marijuana card.