Arizona Marijuana License

Medical marijuana is not legal at the federal level of government, so each state that has legalized the alternative treatment sets their own rules for the qualifying residents in their state. An Arizona marijuana license is required for anyone wanting to produce or dispense medical marijuana. An Arizona marijuana license is also required for a physician to recommend or “certify” a patient for treatment.

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Center has a staff of Arizona marijuana licensed doctors that can legally certify qualification patients for medical marijuana treatment. The certification card and proof of residents is presented to the state for a Medical Marijuana Identification Card that allows the patient to legally buy treatment from an Arizona marijuana licensed dispensary.

A list of medical conditions that qualify for use of medical marijuana made medical conditions easier  to manage thanks to Arizona marijuana license benefits. Patients who qualify for registration with the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program will receive an approved marijuana Card.

If the patient does not live near an Arizona marijuana licensed facility, the patient or their caregiver may be provided an Arizona marijuana license to grow their own medical treatment. A legal dispensary is required to have an Arizona marijuana license in order to grow and sell medical marijuana. In order to obtain an Arizona marijuana license the dispensary has certain requirements to complete. The dispensary must be a non-profit distributor, all employees have extensive background checks, and the location must be approved by the state before an Arizona marijuana license will be issued.