These Are the 15 Best Cannabis Dispensaries for Dads

Maybe your dad has been rolling Js since before you were born. Maybe he’s curious, but hasn’t yet been to a store. Whatever his experience level, 420-friendly dads will love the chance to peruse cool products, pick an enticing strain, and smoke a bowl together with you after visiting a dispensary. After all, a shared experience is the best gift you can give him.

Then again, not all dispensaries are places you’d want to take your papa bear, so we did the legwork for you. Whether you go on Father’s Day or any other day of the year, the following are the 15 best dispensaries in the country to visit with your dad.


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(Courtesy of Commencement Bay)(Courtesy of Commencement Bay)

Where: 2815 St. John’s Blvd., Ste. B

What dads will love: With rustic wood walls, a massive American flag, comfortable armchairs, and a bearskin rug, Greenhead feels like a very classy man cave.

Where: 5402 E. Pacific Hwy

What dads will love: A slate-on-mahogany color scheme, a wide selection of neatly displayed product, and great pricing.

Where: 2215 4th Ave. S.

What dads will love: Classy décor, bold design, and the wide selection of Leira cannabis cigars—for all the dads who like to keep it classy.


(Courtesy of Airfield Supply)(Courtesy of Airfield Supply Co.)

Where: 952 Mission St.

What dads will love: This one is especially for the old soul dads—the ones who’d prefer to chat with their budtender across a mahogany countertop while perched on a brass-studded bar stool.

Where: 1190 Coleman Ave.

What dads will love: If he’s a lover of all things aerodynamic, he’ll enjoy everything from the name to the concrete floor painted like a runway. Oh yes, and the product selection is gargantuan.

Where: 8208 Santa Monica Blvd.

What dads will love: Products displayed approachably on long wooden tables across the well-lit sales floor and an overarching laid-back vibe make this an awesome stop for anyone, but the clean-cut hardwood aesthetics are particularly suited to dads.


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(Courtesy of Oregrown)(Courtesy of Oregrown)

Where: 1199 N.W. Wall St.

What dads will love: With a small space, focused lighting, and a classic white on white color scheme, Oregrown feels a lot more like an art gallery than a pot shop.

Where: 4550 Commercial St. S.E.

What dads will love: The 2,500 sq-ft. showroom space has an ultra-clean look and feel; meanwhile, easy-to-navigate electronic menu displays and super-friendly budtenders make this a great destination, particularly if it’s your pop’s first legal dispensary visit.


(Courtesy of Native Roots)(Courtesy of Native Roots)

Where: Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aspen, Aurora, Centennial, Vail, Dillon, Greeley, Edgewater, Frisco, Littleton, Longmont, and Trinidad

What dads will love: This classy yet casual chain’s stores are cookie-cutter in a good way; each rocks a cool and approachable vibe, with smart-as-a-whip budtenders capable of putting even the staunchest cannabis skeptics at ease.

Where: 2119 Larimer St.

What dads will love: This one’s for the sports fans—pop over after a ball game at Coors Field two blocks away.


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(Courtesy of The Reef)(Courtesy of The REEF)

Where: 6640 E. 8 Mile Rd.

What dads will love: Somehow The Reef has a hardware store vibe yet makes it look upscale. Tack on leather couches, a fireplace, and a TV, and there’s no reason you guys should be hanging out in the rec room when you could be hanging out here.

Where: 20515 Hoover St.

What dads will love: The railroad theme, the clean, comfortable interior, and the fantastic service.


(Courtesy of TruMed)(Courtesy of Tru|med)

Where: 1613 N 40th St.

What dads will love: Tru|med is oft-lauded for its bright, high-energy design; besides an electric color scheme and mod décor, it also has one of the classiest exteriors in the industry, so it’ll impress from first glimpse.


(Courtesy of Reef Dispensaries)(Courtesy of Reef Dispensaries)

Where: 3400 Western Ave.

What dads will love: A cool blue-and-white color scheme, industrial-hip accents including exposed pipes overhead, and a badass blown-glass sculpture surrounded by couches at the center of the room.

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