The Ultimate Cannabis Road Trip Through Oregon

Now for the real reason you’re here in late August. This summer, Oregon will play host to the path of totality (i.e. the swath of land where it’s possible to view full coverage of the sun) for the first solar eclipse to cross the whole country since 1918. Eclipses are a magical thing, and cannabis is guaranteed to magnify that magic. Stop in at Bend’s super-friendly Oregrown for some last-minute supplies before you head out of town.

As many as a million people could flock to Oregon alone to view the eclipse, which means a couple of things. For one, don’t expect to be able to travel to a viewing location on the morning of the event—traffic and crowds will be unprecedented (we’re talking standstills, not a crawl); and second, you need to book your travel plans now—as in, immediately after you read this.

The Ultimate <strong><a href=Marijuana Summer Road Trip Through Oregon | Leafly" width="840" height="525" />Wine Down, a working ranch in Prineville, will host Moonshadow Festival, “the most Oregon-y solar eclipse event out there.” (Courtesy of Wine Down Ranch)

Many hotels have raised their rates astronomically if they’re not full already, and some campgrounds have been booked solid for years in advance of the eclipse: As such, your best bets for reasonably priced accommodations lie on privately owned lands. Many wineries and ranches, for instance, are opening their doors to campers, and a number of towns, parks, and properties have also put together makeshift festivals to celebrate. To party like a local, head for the Moonshadow Festival in Prineville—it’s going to be “the most Oregon-y solar eclipse event out there,” according to one of the most Oregon-y newspapers in Oregon.

Moonshadow will be held over four days at the Wine Down Ranch. Tent camping passes are $200 per person, and include commemorative glasses that you’ll need to safely view the eclipse. You don’t necessarily need to be there be there on the first day of four; just don’t cut it too close. If you don’t manage to buy tickets in time, alternate suggestions include the Totality Awesome eclipse camp in Madras, and Roshambo Art Farm in Sheridan (where ticket sales will fund construction of a new cidery, though some camping days are already sold out).

The Ultimate Summer <strong>Cannabis</strong> Road Trip Through Oregon | LeaflyMoonshadow attendees will be able to partake in yoga, hiking, stargazing, music, and more over the course of the four-day fest. (Nadezhda1906/iStock)

At Moonshadow, there’ll be plenty to keep you entertained until the day of the eclipse: live music, yoga, hiking, local food and drink vendors offering samples, and plenty of stargazing (the Perseids meteor shower will be tapering off, meaning a boatload of shooting stars). On Monday morning, wake up early and grab a prime viewing location—you don’t want to miss a moment of the eclipse’s gradual onset, starting at 9:00 a.m. As the phenomenon begins, settle in with your safety glasses, spark up a pre-roll, and get ready to share a once-in-a-lifetime memory with fellow fest-goers and other viewers around the world as the eclipse reaches perfect totality by 10:25 a.m.

Want to extend your road trip? Start off with our Washington itinerary, or hop on I-5 South and head to California where the third leg of our Ultimate Cannabis Roadtrip will begin. Keep an eye out for the next itinerary on Leafly soon!

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Note: This road trip itinerary is not intended to encourage unlawful cannabis consumption of any kind. Never drive under the influence of cannabis or consume in violation of any state or local law, and always keep your cannabis sealed and locked away in the trunk while on the road.

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