The Best Things to Do in Canada for 4/20

Canada is in the throes of celebration already with the announcement of Canada’s legalization measure and this 4/20 will be a historic one. Here are some of the conventions and festivities going to celebrate the season.

April 20-23: 420 Vancouver Classic (Vancouver, BC)

World Cannabis will be hosting the biggest free 4/20 farmer’s market in Canada from 4/20 through 4/23 at the Vancouver Art Gallery in the heart of the city. There will be two stages with live music, DJs, a bakewalk, workshops, and giveaways. The 4/20 Games will take place earlier in the day, while the Weed Woman will be meeting fans, appearing on stage, and offering a $2 dab bar.

There will be a mass joint giveaway at 4:19 p.m. by the main stage for anyone 19 years of age and older with a valid photo ID, and the winners of the Vancouver 420 BudBowl will also be announced just before 4:20 p.m. live on the main stage.


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April 21-23: O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo (Toronto, Ontario)

With the recent release of Canada’s federal legalization measure, states, municipalities, and other jurisdictions are a-buzz with what the future may hold for the cannabis industry as a whole, and this conference will be an important one for the entrepreneurs and business-minded folk looking to get into the industry or expand their cannabis brand.


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O’Cannabiz will be held at the Sheraton Centre Toronto from April 21 through April 23, and is positioned as the go-to event for anyone who is already in the cannabis industry or is interested in learning more about the opportunities it offers. There will be panels and workshops with expert advice and a business road map for prospective growers, handlers, marketers, investors, and more.

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