Meet the Cutest #DogsofCannabis on the Internet

You’ve heard of winery dogs—but did you know about #dogsofcannabis? First used by one bobby_bongs a couple of years ago, the tag has garnered less than 100 posts to date on Instagram—but the ones it has accumulated feature the cutest pups ever.

Honestly, we can’t quite tell how all these dogs connect to cannabis: some seem to be CBD pup patients, others live at cannabis farms, a few may simply be owned by cannabis consumers, and some seem to have no connection to cannabis whatsoever. Either way, we’re loving this niche hashtag. Check out some of the adorable pups we tracked down on Instagram living the canna-life.


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Editor’s note: While CBD can benefit dogs and cats with certain medical conditions, never allow your pet to consume your cannabis—THC can make them extremely sick. Here’s what to do if it happens on accident.

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