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Dear Justin: I Beg Your Pardons

Hello Justin! The holiday season is just a few weeks away, which means it’s time for kindness, love, and most importantly, forgiveness. Ah forgiveness, a healing exchange that dissolves contempt and resentment, unburdening us from the wrongdoing of others.

Your office’s silence on pardons and amnesty for ‘cannabis criminals’ is an action unworthy of your family legacy.

You’ve shown you understand forgiveness, Justin. You’ve begged forgiveness of our Indigenous Peoples, and apologized for Canada’s conviction of those found guilty of gross indecency for committing homosexual acts—a law loosened in 1969 by your father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who historically said, “I think the view we take here is that there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.”

And yet, despite your understanding of forgiveness, I’m worried you lack the ability to practice it meaningfully. Your office’s silence and side-stepping concerning pardons for cannabis charges and amnesty for those currently convicted or incarcerated for soon-to-be-legal cannabis crimes is an action unworthy of your family legacy.

Earlier this year, Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale said, “The Trudeau government is not considering a blanket pardon for people with criminal records for possessing small amounts of the drug [marijuana]…It is important to note that as the bill moves through the legislative process, existing laws prohibiting possession and use of cannabis remain in place, and they need to be respected.”


Leafly List: The Top Cannabis Dispensaries in British Columbia, Fall 2017

I realize there’s concern of a cannabis free-for-all gripping our society as we approach July 1, but this is about logic: If a person is arrested in possession of 30 grams of cannabis or less sometime in the next six months, is it really reasonable for that person to be charged? Is ethical or even practical to entangle them in the legal system? And should those convicted and/or currently imprisoned for such a crime—one that will soon be totally legal—really continue to live in a criminalized world? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I’d sure love to know why.

While I’m chasing down explanations, brace yourself for a future interrogation on the newly announced excise tax—a one dollar per gram tax that’ll apply not just to recreational sales but also medical cannabis. Do you seriously want to make it more expensive for people with cancer, HIV/AIDS, or chronic pain to access their medicine? Are we really that worried about healthy people faking sick to access a legal drug?

62% of Canadians would support a blanket pardon for cannabis possession offences.

Just for fun, let’s project ourselves into the future: The year is 2045, your own child serves as Prime Minister because this is how we choose leaders now. They stand before a media scrum to deliver a heartfelt apology to Canadians whose lives were derailed by cannabis offences, before the drug became legal. I suspect this vision is not Pierre-approved.

Your government’s reluctance to face this issue makes me think they haven’t read the recent Nanos Research poll indicating that 62% of Canadians would support a blanket pardon for cannabis possession offences. That’s 10% higher than your latest approval rating, by the way. So how do you put into practice what we, the people want? Simple, blame it on the scientists.


Cannabis and Arthritis

Researchers at the C.D Howe Institute released a report asking the government to consider pardons as well as dropping outstanding charges to achieve a practical, sensible goal: to free resources for the legalization process itself. And while we’re at it, C.D Howe also wants you to consider pardoning people who have been convicted for illegal possession of cannabis but have no other convictions, and have not been charged with any other Criminal Code offence. Humane, practical, forward thinking, modern and it saves money? Our next Prime Minister Trudeau would be proud.

Now I’m not a fancy, non-profit think tank, but I would ask that you add streamlining the pardon process to your list of things to consider. As it stands, this is a rigorous (and confusing) application process that can begin only five years after a sentence is completed. This time-served, half-decade hangover effectively makes the road back to employment in our desperate job economy all the more difficult to survive.

The charges are piling up, the legal system continues to bloat beyond its capacity, the law is indeed erroneous, and the time to fix it is now.

I will give you half marks for hinting that your government would look into changing the laws. But you only did it when pressed by a constituent who challenged you face-to-face at an event.

“We will change the law,” you replied. “We are taking the time necessary to get it right. Then we will move forward in a thoughtful way on fixing past wrongs that happened because of this erroneous law that I didn’t put in place and that I’m working hard to fix.”

Justin, the charges are piling up, the legal system continues to bloat beyond its capacity, the law is indeed erroneous, and the time to fix it is now.


The Best Dab Rig for You

And though cannabis-related offences have been on the decline for the past five years, there were still 55,000 offences in 2016 alone, and about 61,000 in 2015. Without a plan for amnesty and streamlined pardons, Canada faces a great risk: crippling citizens, many of whom are youth, who are simply victims of poor timing and government shortsightedness.

So, this holiday season, instead of dodging the question, you need only stop and ask yourself if you want to be remembered as a leader who will need forgiveness for his unfair actions, or one who applied reason, compassion, and practicality to allow many Canadians to avoid being meaninglessly embroiled in the legal system.

As they say over at C.D Howe, just “consider” it, okay?


Keep Warm With These 13 Cool Cannabis Socks

Sock season is upon us, and as the cold weather creeps in, you’re probably starting to think about keeping your toes warm and cozy. You’re in luck: There’s a whole world full of fun, unique, and funny cannabis-themed socks for any style and taste.


Dispensaries With the Largest Product Selections in Every Major Market

Below, find something to love on this list of the 13 coolest cannabis socks on the market.

(Courtesy of Strathcona)

For those who enjoy the beauty of realistic cannabis leaves, these knee-high socks display the whole plant with lovely artistic flare.

Price: $36

Pay homage to the OG cannabinoid—THC—with socks that combine an appreciation of science with a taste for cannabis.

Price: $9.99


Show off your favorite cannabis strain type with these warm athletic socks in indica purple. For those who prefer the buzzier strains, check out the sativa and hybrid options, too (or get all three—because come on, they’re all pretty great).

Price: $16


Bro Out With These 10 Broiest Cannabis Products on the Market

(Courtesy of HUF)

These black and white tie-dye cannabis socks are perfect for a subtler, under-the-radar look.

Price: $15.95  

Oil lovers rejoice—these vibrant and playful shatter socks look as though you’ve dipped your feet right in clear, concentrated goodness.

Price: $15


Haute Box: 10 Awesome Dabbing Products to Add to Your Setup

(Courtesy of Dank Shades)

Blue and dreamy, these socks rep the massively popular Blue Dream strain. Keep your eyes out for this eclectic pair; they’re coming soon.

Price: $14.99

Who says the office has to be so straight-laced? In a lively cannabis print, bright green leaves pop against deep violet on these deluxe dress socks.

Price: $9.30

(Courtesy of Rage On)

These whimsical socks feature lovely roses mixed with green and purple cannabis leaves. The elegant design will likely make for some double-takes and inquiries as to, “Where’d you get those?”

Price: $20


Leafly Picks: 10 Unique Artist and Vaporizer Collaborations

Celebrate your favorite holiday all year long with these lively yuletide cannabis socks.

Price: $10

(Courtesy of HempTopia)

Made with 45% hemp, these mid-calf socks are as comfy as they are sustainable. Choose tan, black, or both with this classic cannabis-themed pair.

Price: $12

A medley of cannabis leaves in various shades of green covers these socks from toe to knee with a design that offers depth and intrigue in a single unique pair. Check out the pink version for a more vivid look.

Price: $15


22 Coolest Ashtrays for Your Cannabis

(Courtesy of RockySocksShop/Etsy)

Hilarious yet oh-so-practical, these seemingly innocuous socks have a hidden phrase on the bottom of each sole: If You Can Read This, Bring Me Weed. Done and done.

Price: $11.02

These cozy, knee-high cannabis leaf socks make the perfect accessory to go with a long, snuggly sweater and a freshly packed bong.

Price: $8.95

California’s Legal Cannabis Countdown: What’s Coming by Jan. 1

LOS ANGELES (AP) — California has published the rules that will govern its legal marijuana economy in 2018, giving businesses and consumers a glimpse into the future.

But there are important steps before legal recreational sales kick off on Jan. 1, and even more uncertainties about how the marketplace will function. Warning: Don’t count on being able to stroll into your local dispensary on New Year’s Day to celebrate with an infused cookie or a joint.


California Releases Emergency Cannabis Regulations

Why Are the Regulations Important?

They form the framework of the new cannabis economy, estimated to be worth $7 billion. Can you make animal-shaped edibles? No. Transport products in a drone? No. But retailers can be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. It’s a dense stack of rules that includes fees for licensing (nearly $80,000 annually for a large grower), how cannabis will be traced from seed to sale and testing requirements to ensure customers get what they pay for.

Can I Buy Legal, Adult-Use Cannabis on Jan. 1?

For most people, probably not. It will vary place to place, but many cities are not prepared. Even though the state regulations went out Thursday, the Bureau of Cannabis Control is still developing an online system for businesses to apply for operating licenses. California is working out technical bugs and hopes it will be ready in early December.


San Francisco Almost Certainly Won’t Be Selling Cannabis on Jan. 1

“There certainly will be licenses issued on Jan. 1,” said Alex Traverso of the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

“The state dropped the ball big time. This should have been done by June, July.”

Donnie Anderson, Los Angeles grower and retailer

But there’s a snag: To apply for a state license, a grower or seller first needs a local permit, and many cities are struggling to establish those rules, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, two of the biggest markets.

“I think the state dropped the ball big time. This should have been done by June, July,” said Los Angeles grower and retailer Donnie Anderson. “I don’t think this is going to be ready.”

Other places, like Kern County, have banned commercial cannabis activity. At the same time, San Diego is among the cities that have local rules in place and are ready for legal sales. Palm Springs is planning for cannabis lounges, where recreational marijuana can be smoked on site.

A Gradual Start

For six months, the state is allowing businesses to bend the rules a bit, recognizing it will take time for the new system to take hold. During that period, businesses can sell products that do not meet new packaging requirements. Retailers can sell inventory that does not meet new rules for ingredients or appearance.

At an industry conference in September, California’s top marijuana regulator sought to ease concerns that the state would move quickly on enforcement against operations without licenses. If authorities are aware a business has applied for a license “I don’t want you to have anxiety that we’re out there and we’re going to be enforcing everything right away,” said Lori Ajax, who heads the state cannabis bureau.


California Unveils Temporary Licenses to Allow Early 2018 Retail Sales

Everything Is Temporary

Even if you get a license, it will be temporary — good for 120 days. In some cases, there can be a 90-day extension on top of that. During that time, the state will review a business’ credentials and information submitted in the license application, such as financial records and investors in the business.

The regulations issued by the state this week are temporary, too.

Many Challenges Remain

Key pieces of the legal cannabis system are still in the works. A massive tracking system that will follow plants from seed to sale is in development, but officials say it will be ready at the start of the new year. It’s not clear if enough distributors will be available to move cannabis from fields to testing labs and eventually to retail shops, possibly creating a bottleneck between growers and store shelves.


Confusion Coming With California’s Legal Cannabis

The Looming Illicit Market

No one knows how many operators will apply for licenses. While medical marijuana has been legal in California for over two decades, most growing and selling occurs in the black market. Come Jan. 1, officials hope those growers and sellers will join the legal pot economy.

But there are concerns many might continue business as usual to avoid new taxes, which could hit 45 percent in the recreational market in some cases, according to a recent study by Fitch Ratings.

“The existing black market for cannabis may prove a formidable competitor” if taxes send legal retail prices soaring, the report said.

The Leafly 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday shopping season is here again! It’s time to figure out how to show some seasonal love to those around you—hopefully without going into debt or losing your cool in a department store line.

Now, we can’t make a turkey dinner with the family any less stressful. What we can do is help to take some of the stress out of your end-of-the-year shopping by bringing you some of our favorite products for the cannabis consumers on your nice list.


Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: Under $20


Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: $20-$50


Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: $50-$100


Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: $100-$200


Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: $200 and Up

This year’s gift guide is brought to you by our friends at VaporNation, where you can get great deals on some of the items we’ve highlighted for 2017. Whether you’re looking for smoking gear, storage solutions, or neat accessories, you’ll find plenty to like from some of our favorite brands, no matter how much you’re looking to spend. From stocking stuffers to treats for a special someone to a retail therapy for your own self, we’re here to help make your season a little more merry.

Study Finds Alcohol 10 Times More Deadly Than Cannabis on the Road

Researchers who examined drug tests from drivers involved in more than 3,600 auto crashes have found that alcohol is about ten times more likely to cause a fatal crash than cannabis.

Drunk drivers were 17.8 more likely to cause a fatal crash than sober drivers. Cannabis-influenced drivers were 1.65 times more likely.

In a study published earlier this month in the journal PLOS-One, scientists at the University of Lyon looked at data from all fatal accidents that occurred in France during 2011. They estimated the heightened risk of driving under the influence of various substances and found that “drivers under the influence of alcohol are 17.8 times more likely to be responsible for a fatal accident,” when compared to completely sober drivers. Drivers under the influence of cannabis, by contrast, are 1.65 times more likely to be responsible for causing a fatal accident.

Those findings are in line with most recent studies of alcohol and cannabis and driving risk. Earlier this year David Bienenstock investigated the science behind drugged driving estimates, and found that THC-positive drivers have a 5% greater crash risk than drivers with no drugs or alcohol in their system. That figure came from the largest domestic case-control study to date, which was published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a federal agency. That same study found that drivers with a blood alcohol level of .08, the legal limit in most states, were 293% more likely to be involved in a crash. Texting drivers were 310% more likely to crash. 


Taking Drugged Driving Seriously: What Does the Science Say?

Past investigations “have shown a decreased capacity of drivers under the influence of cannabis, in particular a decrease in attention, increased reaction time and reduced ability to control direction,” the French researchers noted. Drivers under the influence of alcohol “tend to drive faster, which goes hand in hand with an over-estimation of their own capacities,” the researchers added, “whereas drivers under the influence of cannabis tend to drive more cautiously.”

For a deeper look at the most widely respected and cited studies on driving under the influence, check out David Bienenstock’s feature, “Taking Drugged Driving Seriously: What Does the Science Say?” published earlier this year by Leafly.

Michigan Legalization Measure Poised to Qualify for 2018 Ballot

Little more than a week after Detroit voters chose to loosen the city’s strict limits on medical cannabis dispensaries, advocates in Michigan have announced that an even bigger game-changer is headed for the ballot: statewide adult-use legalization.

The Committee to Regulate Alcohol like Marijuana this week announced that it has gathered more than 360,000 signatures to qualify an adult-use legalization measure for the 2018 ballot. While the signatures have yet to be validated by the state, the number of signatures gathered is far greater than the 252,523 required by law.

The group still has to pay off $30,000 in signature-gathering expenses before organizers can submit the truckloads of signed petitions to the Secretary of State, the Detroit Free Press reports. The campaign said Thursday that it is preparing to announce the signature turn-in on Monday, Nov. 20.

The initiative, as currently available on the group’s website, would legalize cannabis for adults 21 and over and set up a system to regulate and tax cannabis businesses. Consumption would be allowed only in private homes.

The measure would also legalize industrial hemp under state law.

Tax dollars would go to public schools, road projects, and local governments that “opt in” by allowing cannabis businesses to operate in their jurisdictions.

Cannabis has been getting a lot of political play this month, the Free Press reports, including from five candidates running for governor. On Tuesday night, at a bipartisan debate in Ypsilanti, four Democrats and one Republican said they supported legalization. The candidates were Republican Evan Space and Democrats Gretchen Whitmer, Abdul El-Sayed, Shri Thanedar, and Bill Cobbs.

“When five main candidates are talking about supporting the (legalization) proposal, we’ve gone mainstream,” Lansing-based attorney Jeff Hank said after the event, according to the Free Press.

Earlier this week, the National Cannabis Industry Association, a legal-cannabis trade group, threw its weight behind the Michigan campaign.

“As the country’s second largest medical marijuana market, Michigan has the opportunity for serious job and economic growth in the adult-use cannabis industry,” Executive Director Aaron Smith said in a statement. “The 2018 ballot initiative put forth by the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol combines some of the best practices and regulations from around the country and we are excited to take part in supporting this effort.”

The state’s medical cannabis industry is currently the second-fastest growing business sector, according to law firm Vicente Sederberg. That industry, made legal under a 2008 voter-approved law, is currently in the process of transitioning to a statewide licensing model, with state regulators set to begin accepting license applications on Dec. 15.

Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: $200 and Up

The 2017 Leafly Gift Guide: $200 and Up

Well hey, big spender! We all know it’s the thought that counts in a gift. But sometimes, putting that thought into action means throwing down some substantial dough.

(Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Whether you’ve got a holiday bonus burning a hole in your pocket or have been pinching pennies all year long in anticipation of a seasonal splurge, we’ve assembled some of our favorite big ticket gift ideas right here. After all, if you’re breaking out the black card for your loved ones this year, you don’t want them to have anything but the best, right?

Pave Sweet Leaf Shaker Necklace
Jacquie Aiche; $5,500
Does your special someone have all the smoking gear they need for the moment? If you’re not on a budget and are looking to wow the 420-friendly lady in your life, a diamond necklace has never gotten a bad reaction on a holiday morning.

Airizer Air II
Sponsored by VaporNation; $229.99

With a powerful battery that heats quickly but also boasts long-lasting staying power, the Arizer Air II couples precision temperature control and power with portability. It also has some nifty fringe benefits, ranging from the low-tech (rubber caps to let you load before you leave the house, for added discretion) to the cutting-edge, like pass-through capability that lets a user operate the Air II while they’re recharging it via USB.

Poppins Stash Bag
Van der Pop; $275

The Poppins stash bag makes sure that, like a certain magical British nanny, you’ll always have whatever you need from your stash close at hand. Crafted in the US from Italian leather, this cannabis-minded and odor-proof clutch will have you ready for adventures in babysitting and anything else life might throw at you.

Baker Bots like this one have more personality than your Roomba, and may see more use, too. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Oil Crisis Baker Bot
Jerome Baker; $315

One of a set of four robot-inspired dab rigs by legendary glassblower Jerome Baker, everything from the classic comic-themed packaging to the limited production run marks these as destined for the shelf of any serious glass collector.

Boundless CFV Vaporizer
Sponsored by VaporNation; $229.99
The latest vaporizer offering from Boundless takes the guesswork out of gift-giving and out of vaporizing flower. A built-in digital screen tells users exactly what temperature they’re working at, while interchangeable heat retention rings let choosy vapers customize for a full convection experience or one that blends convection and conduction heating. It’s also modular, with bubbler and water pipe attachments available to smooth your draw even further.

The Apothecarry Case 4-Strain Humidor
Apothecarry; $259

Customized with cannabis in mind, this humidor has it all: a grinder, dab kit, containers for flower and concentrate alike, and best of all, a built in-locking mechanism so the only one who has access is its owner.

Famous Brands Snoop Dogg Pounds Battleship Water Pipe
Sponsored by VaporNation; $229.99
Head into the holiday season with guns blazing courtesy of the Battleship water pipe. This three-story powerhouse hosts a trio of turbine percolators that filter and diffuse smoke for smooth and silky hits. Equipped with a standard glass bowl and a quartz dab rig, this premium pipe is perfect for flower smokers and dab enthusiasts alike.

Polytope Ashtray by Andrew O. Hughes
Tetra; $800

It’s not an ashtray, it’s a work of art…that happens to double as an ashtray. Take care as you get ready to gift this made-to-order ashtray crafted from color-changing dichroic glass, since you may not be able to part with it once it arrives.

If you’re not gonna splurge on more vaporizer than you really need during the holidays, when are you gonna do it? (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Cloudious9; $250
Most vapes provide a good draw, but the Hydrology 9 steps it up in the smoothness department using a built-in water filter. As much a novel conversation piece as a vaporizer, this sleek bit of design may be a little more machine than you actually need, but what the heck are the holidays for if not going a little overboard?

Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: $100-$200

The 2017 Leafly Gift Guide: $100-$200

OK, so maybe it’s been a long year for you and yours. Do you really want to surprise your nearest and dearest and send 2017 out on a strong note? It’s not gonna be cheap, but we’ve got you covered.

(Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Cannabis gear doesn’t always mean yet another smoking tool. The items you’ll find at this price point will help bakers bake, vapers vape, fashionistas accessorize, and smokers of all stripes keep their gear safe and sound. Of course, you’ll also find some particularly beautiful and unique smoking gear as well.

The Executive
Cannacase; $110
After the holiday season comes to a close, you’ll want to show off your new toys. Now you can take them on a road trip without worrying about their safety by packing them in the foam and plastic security of the Cannacase Executive.

Launch Box Kit
Sponsored by VaporNation; $119
Powered by a pair of rechargeable AA batteries, Magic Flight’s flagship product is a dependable, easy-to-operate flower vaporizer that will never let you down. And since it’s available in a wide variety of finishes and multiple laser-etched designs, every piece can be personalized for a special someone on your list.

Stashtray Book Bundle
Myster; $150
For your friend who can never find their lighter…or their pipe…or their cannabis…or their concentrates…the Stashtray is a great way to keep everything in one place and look good doing it.

Too many tubes, you say? There’s simply no such thing. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Cyclone Helix
DankStop; $119

Suitable for smoking flower or taking a dab of your favorite extract, multiple chambers in this rig recycle smoke to provide a smooth hit from a piece of glass that would look right at home in a mad scientist’s lab.

Boost: Black Edition
Dr. Dabber; $159.95
Large nails and powerful, modular heating elements make the Boost: Black Edition an easy choice for any dab enthusiast on your list. And since it already comes packaged in a gorgeous wooden box, all you have to do is get it wrapped!

Magical Butter Botanical Extractor
Sponsored by VaporNation; $174.95
If you’re shopping for a culinary-minded cannabis enthusiast, you can’t beat the Magical Butter Botanical Extractor. This kitchen appliance makes it easy to make cannabis-infused butters, oils, and other ingredients that will make life easier—and more fun—for aspiring chefs and seasoned bakers alike.

Gold Crystal GeoPipe
Stonedware; $170

Every one of these porcelain pipes is hand-cast and coated in a series of glazes that produces their unique crystalline finishes. The result is one-of-a-kind smoking experience that’s also quick and easy to clean.

Stoneware and 22k gold combine for simple elegance in this hand pipe. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Zarina Ceramic Pipe
Miwak Junior; $180

The Zarina’s ceramic body is designed to feel simple and natural in the palm of the hand, like a good skipping stone, while the 22-karat gold accents and bowl ensure you’ll never want to let this beautiful, hand-finished piece get that far away.

Men’s Pocket-Sized Carry-All
Asche; $175

Most high-end stash bags lean toward the feminine end of the spectrum, making this carry-all with sharp lines, clean design, and no frills a welcome breather that blends right in with jeans and a backpack or a suit and briefcase.

FlytLab Lift Vaporizer
Sponsored by VaporNation; $149.99
One of the most discreet flower vaporizers on the market, the Lift fits a lot of features into a small footprint, including multiple heat settings, a retractable glass mouthpiece that preserves the natural taste of herb, and even a blended heating source that combines hot air convection with a ceramic heating element to vaporize every available millimeter of surface area.

Honeybird Delux Kit
Nectar Collector; $199.99

This elegantly crafted glass bulb-and-quartz-tip combo pairs with a butane torch and little water to produce smooth, filtered dabs that are easy to moderate and control. Choose whether you want a little nip or a rip that sends you roaring.

This gorgeous gold-plated elephant necklace proves looking fancy and being useful always go together. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Elephant Joint Clip Necklace
Asche; $195
This petite pachyderm pendant has a hidden purpose: a removable trunk that doubles as a joint clip. And since a portion of the proceeds from every one of these wearable works of art benefits the African Wildlife Foundation, your fingertips won’t be the only thing this gift helps save.

Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: $50-$100

The 2017 Leafly Gift Guide: $50-$100

Want to step your gift-giving up a notch? These selections aren’t inexpensive, but they also won’t leave you in the poor house come New Year’s Day.

(Patrick Barta for Leafly)

For less than $100, you can get some fantastic smoking implements, from natural stone hand pipes to beautiful glass bongs to high-performance vaporizers. And if one or two of these pieces catch your eye, well, we’re not gonna tell if you pick up a little something for yourself, too. After all, you’ve been good this year, right?

The Gravitron
Smoke Cartel; $64

Show that friend of yours who still has an iced up 2-liter in their freezer that there’s a better way. The gravity game gets grown up in one of GRAV Labs’ flagship designs, a piece of glass that harnesses an elemental force of nature to deliver silky smooth lungfuls of smoke.

The Twisty glass blunt is as functional as it is pretty, and it’s very pretty. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

The Twisty
TwistyGlass; $64.99
A minor engineering marvel, The Twisty is a gorgeously crafted, easy-to-load glass blunt that cools the smoke from your favorite flower as it winds its way to your lungs along a heat-absorbing metal coil. 

Violet Flame Cannabis Leggings
KindStems; $65

Put some buds on your stems with these polyester and spandex leggings. The perfect gift for any festival-goer, these leggings can keep anyone looking dank right down to their toes. (Or their ankles, anyway.)

#ThisThingRips Stok Edition One
Sponsored by VaporNation; $67.10
The Stok Edition One vaporizer can be customized to the perfect heat for a variety of different extracts. For creatures of habit, though, it remembers a favorite setting, making it that much quicker to get a potent cloud of vapor going.

“The Daily Driver” Showerhead Perc Glass Bubbler Pipe
Smoke Cartel; $69

Want to give a gift someone will actually use? Turn to this bubbler to remind yourself that simple doesn’t have to mean basic. Unmarked scientific glass gives this piece a pleasing heft and makes it durable enough to be a piece of go-to gear.

For your friend in need of a little crystal healing. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Crystal Pipe with Carb
Raw Earth Gems; $65
Available in a wide array of colors and crystals, these carved pipes from Raw Earth gems are made by hand with a steel mesh bowl and just the right mineral sample. They make a great gift for budding geologists, aspiring psychics, and anyone who wants to look a little more like a wizard the next time they take a toke.

Smoke Ring
Sweetflag; $95
Made in Portland, Oregon, this adjustable-size sterling silver ring isn’t just a fashion statement; a built-in loop flips up to hold a joint for you, freeing your hands to multitask while you smoke.

Vivant Dabox
Sponsored by VaporNation; $59.99
We loved the Vivant Dabox, an easy-to-use concentrate vaporizer that makes a great introduction to cannabis extracts for your newbie friends and a terrific sidearm for more seasoned dabbers.

The Safety Case 2.0
Black Rock Originals; $69.95
Shopping for a friend looking to dip their toe back into legal cannabis after some time away? Look no further than this sleek, smell-proof case. Included goodies like rolling papers, a card grinder, and more make this both a stash case and a great starter kit.

KandyPen Prism
Sponsored by VaporNation; $97.99
KandyPen’s Prism line delivers a customizable concentrate vaporizer in a pocket-sized package. Two kinds of heating elements and an array of temperature settings make this a great gift for the concentrate enthusiast on your list, especially if they like to taste-test a variety of products.

Smokers with a taste for subtly designed pieces will appreciate this ceramic piece. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Fruit Fantasy Ceramic Pipe
Summerland; $95

Is this carefully crafted ceramic apple an art object that doubles as a pipe, or a pipe masquerading as an art object? We’ll leave that one to the philosophers and just say that you can enjoy this simple, elegant work however you see fit.

420 Scope 800x USB Microscope
420 Science; $99.99
Whether you’re growing your own or purchasing from a dispensary, it’s nice to get up close and personal with your buds sometimes. This digital microscope plugs into any computer’s USB port and offers magnification up to 800x.

Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: $20-$50

The 2017 Leafly Gift Guide: $20-$50

Don’t look now, but we’re out of Secret Santa territory and into options for your gift list proper.

(Patrick Barta for Leafly)

A token of appreciation for your favorite people shouldn’t break the bank, though. That’s why we’re happy to share these gift suggestions for your cannabis-consuming friends and family that are easy on the wallet.

Kraken Grinders Hex Ridge 4-Piece Grinder 
Smoke Cartel; $26

The Kraken is a fantastic all-in-one grinder with machined edges that ensure a solid grip and a compact size that makes it easy to take on the go.

The Ombre arc lighter fires up in any weather and never needs a fuel refill. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Ombre Arc Fuel-Free Lighter
Tetra; $25

The sparkling metallic finish on this lighter from Tetra isn’t the only eye-catching thing about it. Arc technology lets you light your smoke or spliff with a purple spark that’s windproof, non-toxic, and never needs a refill.

Shine Woven Blunt Wrap
Shine Papers; $28

The holidays are a great time to get silly indulgent, and nothing says silly indulgent like Shine’s 24K gold papers interwoven with a natural tobacco blunt wrap.

Source Slim 3 Vaporizer Travel Kit
Sponsored byVaporNation; $49.95

The popular Source Orb has been remixed into a more compact, pocket-friendly design that can go wherever you do for a convenient, discreet dab of your favorite cannabis wax or other concentrate.

Hair and Scalp Tonic
Fig + Yarrow; $34

Hemp oil is a key ingredient in this multi-purpose grooming tonic from Fig + Yarrow that feeds, conditions, and restores hair, scalp, and beards without skipping a beat.

Leafly: now in analog! (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

The Leafly Guide to Cannabis
Leafly; $29

Living in fear of an internet outage because it will cut you off from Leafly? We totally get that! (Also: we are very flattered!). The Leafly Guide to Cannabis can keep you in touch with our cannabis experts even if your router is doing that thing again. This handsome hardcover releases in December, and you can pre-order it now at a discount!

Stash Box Fanny Pack With Built-In Speakers
iRollie; $34.95

Fanny pack? Stash kit? Portable speakers? This all-in-one kit checks so many utility boxes, you’ll never want to leave home without it.

Gemstone Bracelet With Sterling Silver Cutout Charm
Genifer M.; $39.95
A piece of jewelry that goes with everything can be hard to come by, but these understated charm bracelets offer just enough glitz to catch the eye, making them an ideal low-key accessory for a t-shirt and jeans, formal wear, and everything in-between.

Honey Stick Bee Keeper
Sponsored byVaporNation; $29.99
Good things come in small packages during the holidays, and one of our favorite things is the Bee Keeper. This wax vaporizer packs a mighty punch despite its diminutive dimensions, and its small size makes it the perfect choice for your friends who prefer to remain anonymous.

Rolled Cigarette Case

This case from designer JvdF is perfect for anyone looking to keep a couple of joints close at hand, but do it in style. Slim, elegant lines and classic styling pair with a shiny nickel finish for a stash case that’s appealing without being flashy.

Each package contains nine berry-flavored, CBD-infused gummies. (Patrick Barta for Leafly)

Sigur Rós Wild Sigurberry High CBD Gumdrops
Lord Jones; $40

A beautiful and delicious collaboration between the CBD specialists at Lord Jones and the acclaimed Icelandic musicians of Sigur Ros, these CBD-infused gumdrops ship anywhere in the US in a package inspired by Iceland’s wildlife, and draw their flavor profile from a blend of the island’s many wild berries.